* Balance * Core Strength * Posture * Power *

* Coordination * Injury Prevention *

“I can’t believe this didn’t exist sooner. It is one of the smartest ways to exercise in a group format that I’ve ever experienced.”

– Aimee Heckel, Daily Camera

Lengthen your spine, strengthen your core, improve your balance, open your hips, and get a whole body workout that leaves you standing taller and feeling stronger.  The 1 hour class includes mobility and stretching exercises combined with functional and dynamic strength moves to increase coordination, agility, and overall power.  Specific exercises are used to correct common postural deficiencies to help relieve pain or stiffness in the neck, back, and knees.  The class is designed to strengthen you in ways that decrease stress on the joints and the spine, and we use a smart work to rest ratio to keep inflammation within your body to a minimum.  The Strong Balance class creates balance and symmetry in your body, instead of just pushing you through a hard workout.  Our class helps decrease your chance of injury and sickness, establishes long lasting lifestyle changes, and promotes a functionally strong body.

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