“Every body- no matter where you are in your fitness level – you have to try this class!  It’s like a really fun, challenging training session with friends and good music.  I walked into the studio with an open mind, ready for something new and Brenna met me with a bright smile.  I knew she would make sure we worked hard and her smile assured me we’d have fun .  Brenna’s class was obviously well planned.  She led us through a progression of exercises.  The first ones were – you guessed it – to engage the core.  Then we found and activated muscle groups to build stability and worked into more and more challenging moves.  I loved that we didn’t count – just focused on the movement until Brenna led us into the next thing.  With her characteristic attention, Brenna made sure each of us was moving correctly and made adjustments to help us.  Even though it was a group class, I felt like each of us got some unique information and definitely individual attention.  By the end I was worked but left feeling really strong and like I was flying down the sidewalk.  I can’t wait for the next one.   Thanks Brenna!”

-Bonnie L.


“Having worked with Brenna one-on-one, I knew this would be an exceptional workout. She did not disappoint. What a class! She provided a full body workout using tried and true exercises. Each participant received personal attention, adjustments and motivation. The workout was challenging but rewarding. I am psyched that Brenna is offering these classes regularly now, they will be my secret weapon going into swimsuit season!”

-Nikki L.