Strong Balance and Injury Prevention

WQ Strong BalanceOn January 31st, Missy Hughes headed up to Devil’s Thumb Ranch with the folks at Women’s Quest to teach a Strong Balance Class and talk about injury prevention.  Here is a little snip it from her talk:

If your posture is poor, you will definitely overload and hurt your body. Exercise then becomes a catalyst to injury rather than a ticket to health. Prep your body for your activities and take your rest days to insure a lifetime of activity.


Injury Prevention Tips

  • Put yourself in the optimum position for your workout
  • Warm up the core muscles that support your body before you exercise
  • Stretch after exercise

Muscle Groups to Stretch

  • Quads and Hip Flexors
  • Glutes and Outside of Hips
  • Chest and Shoulders
  • Calves and Ankles


Post Exercise Stretches You Can Do Anywhere

Foam Roller Videos and Exercise Programs


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